Better Good Housekeeping at Work Featuring Scrub Master

Good Housekeeping is the most basic and fundamental approach for productivity and quality improvement in all types of business. Most especially if you work from a Food Business Industry since we have to keep our area extra clean and sanitize to keep the food safe.

The previous 5s of Good Housekeeping is now expanded to 7S which stand for : Sort,  Systemize, Sweep, Standardize, Safety, Self-Discipline, Sustain.

But let focus now about "SWEEP" or about Cleanliness. So the question is, How to keep your area clean and organize? Of course, aside from cleaning it properly by the assigned personnel, we can also use an upgraded cleaning product or item as well.

Now I partnered with GEMINI STORE with their new and improve scrub master which helps the cleaning faster and better. This Turbo Power Scrubber (Scrub Master) has improved and upgraded to a better version. A true must-have cleaning tool that is rewarding and thus improve the way of cleaning our area. A spinning scrubber that scrub-off all dirt to your bathroom, and have better reach in cleaning.


3 LONG YEARS OF SERVICE. Years of service can also be a vital point to determine if the company is good as well as on how they try to improve and leave impact to their costumers. And knowing that the company have received multiple awards and is running for 3 years already, can really help you to trust the brand itself.

SHORT CHARGING TIME BUT LONGER USAGE. You only need to charge it for 4 to 5 hours and you may use the scrub for 90 minutes of scrubbing action. It is cordless and also rechargeable.

LONGER REACH. You can easily add handle to make the scrub longer and help you increase you reach when cleaning. No more bending, ladles or chair for you to reach other area.

INCLUDE DIFFERENT BRUSH HEADS. The scrub master will give you 3 different brush head to choose from. (1) FLAT BRUSH for flat surface such as floors, ceilings and walls. (2) DOME BRUSH for curves surface such as faucet and toilet. (3) CORNER BRUSH for corner brushing where dirt usually hide.

STRONG ROTATING MOTOR. A hassle-free scrubbing with less effort of applying force or pressure just to remove the dirt.

1 YEAR WARRANTY. From 6 months to a full year of free charging to fix the scrub. 

We tested the product and indeed, Scrub master help us clean better and faster. So if you are looking for a cleaning tool both at home or at work, I really recommend this Scrubbing Tool - Scrub Master. Watch it here.

Try and Buy it now! You can use my code MIZDEE10 to get 10% OFF when you purchase at You can also use this code to other items available to their shop. 

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