Four Easy Steps to Open a BDO Account Online

Let's be real. The digital era is indeed happening now, and to be honest, I'm one of those people who re-define convenience as when everything will be done online. So, I'm very happy that BDO, my chosen bank to trust my fund for saving, do offer online application now when you want to open an account. Since I just recently open an account with them, let me share with you How did I open my BDO saving account through online application.

Choose the Account and fill up the Application Form. I visit BDO's website at and from the left corner menu tab, I choose "personal" then "digital" and click "Online Account Opening". Then you have to scroll down to see your account options. For me, I apply for saving account debit card only. The click "Apply".

The Application form will ask for your personal information, financial information, document submission, some regulatory requirements and account information. After you fill up your personal information with you phone number, you will received a text from BDO with the reference number, in case you have to temporary hold your application form. It allows you to revisit the form where you stop, just enter the reference code you've got.

Prepare and Submit the required documents. You have to prepare and capture your 2 Valid IDs from the list of the accepted IDs required by BDO. You also need to take a selfie with your primary id. Lastly, you have to picture 3 handwritten signatures in a clean bod paper. Uploading your documents were the difficult part for me because I have to make sure the Valid IDs are clear and the information are readable. It also took me awhile before I finish taking pictures and upload the other documents being asked.

Meet a BDO Representative via Zoom Call for the account evaluation. After you answer all the questions and information being asked with the form, at the last part, you have to schedule your appointment for the Zoom Call from a BDO Representative to evaluate your application.

After I completely book the appointment, on the next day, I receive a phone call confirming my scheduled zoom call and they asked me to present other ID aside from the uploaded ids I initially did on my application. The BDO Representative ask me to bring my PRC ID (uploaded), and my TIN ID (changed instead of my company id), also a clean bond paper and black ball pen. After the call, I received an email from them which contain some few reminders during the zoom call, the list of the things I need to prepare, and the meeting id with password.

You have to be 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled time because if you missed the call, you have to rebook your appointment. The zoom call will take 20 to 30 minutes long, depending to your internet connection, questions to be asked. After this they will submit it to an Account Officer for review. Mine was approved just a few minutes after the zoom call. I received an email confirming that my account approved.

Fund your account 7 days after your approval. Though my account is approve the same day of my call, It took me 3 days before I can fund my account since I did it during long weekend holiday. I fund my account through GCASH transfer right after my account is officially open by the bank. You can also have other option like (1) Directly deposit to any BDO branch near you, (2) Cardless funding through BDO Cash Deposit Machine, or (3) Other bank Mobile Bank Transfer.

During the call, they also asked you about the nearest branch where you'll pick the debit card. If you choose a personalized one, you'll received it 3 to 5 banking days for Metro Manila, longer if you are in province. During you card claim, you have to bring the valid ids you presented during the evaluation, then the bank will proceed to other other requirement like biometric and other account details need.

Super easy right? It only takes few clicks to finish, and very convenient to your own time and preference. No more long lane for me even with my account funding. Overall, I'm very satisfied and happy with my experience with BDO digital with their new account opening service. If you are ready to open an account as well with BDO, you can head over to their site for more details. Indeed, BDO find ways for YOU! Thank you BDO.

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