Learn the Convenient Way to start your Financial Journey with BDO Banking

One thing this pandemic taught me was to have better financial security just like how a responsible adult I should be. This is because we really don't know what our future holds us and all we can do is to at least plan ahead. That's why I wanted to really focus on my financial journey this 2022. And to start it right, I should wisely choose to whom I will trust my fund. So I said YES to BDO ♥️ I know, there have been ups and downs with them but their mission to find a way for us to get better services and partnership are still valid. We also hold the same financial goal, which is to have convenient way of banking, and to make things easier for me, while feeling safe and secure with my funds all through digital services.  So here are my 4 Favorite Digital Services that BDO offers :


ONLINE BANK ACCOUNT OPENING. I finally had a chance to open a savings account with them at the comfort of my home. I just did these 4 easy steps and had my account approved. I just visit their official website and click DIGITAL tab and look for Opening Account tab. 

I (1) filled up all the information being asked, 
(2) uploaded 2 valid IDs, 1 Selfie with my primary ID, and 3 handwritten signature in a white bond paper, 
(3) scheduled the the Zoom Video Call for my document verification and lastly, 
(4) fund my account within 7 days from the date I was approved. 

I wrote an in-depth step by step guide and shared my personal experience with their Online Account Registration, just click the link below. 


BDO ONLINE. I downloaded and had their newest BDO Online so I can do everything in one app alone. It helps me check my balance, seamlessly send money to anyone, and pay my bills with just a few clicks. If you previously have the BDO Digital Banking App, this is the same, it just that the new one is the upgraded version with more features coming up.  


BDO PAY. I also link my account to their BDO pay for easy money transfer and payment so I can go cashless now whenever I go.  The BDO pay allow you to link your BDO account to directly deduct or receive any of your transaction from scan to pay from in stores, send and request money from others, pay bills and a lot more. You don't need to pay fees and add money to fund the apps.


CASH IN TO PARTNER APPs (Lazada Wallet and Grabpay). Lastly, I can now easily fund my grabpay and lazada wallet for easy shopping and booking with my BDO account. All we need to do is link my BDO account to Lazada and Grab app so I can easily top up funds. Today, almost everything can be done digitally and It is a good thing that BDO also did their upgrades to have better services for us. I'm also happy that they continue to help us, in any way, to have easy, safe, and secure online banking with them. Also with their #BDOAntiScam campaign, It also did a very good job to ensure All BDO account holders be knowledgeable enough to avoid getting scam.  

I can simply say that BDO Banking is indeed honest, and stayed true with their mission to continuously find a way to have a convenient financial journey with them. Thank you so much BDO, and I'm happy with your service. So if you want to start saving, and interested to learn more about the digital services that the BDO have, you can visit their website or check their social media platform here:

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