Shop Smart and Safe at AllHome Philippines

I’m your type of shopper who wants to get everything I need in one stop or prefer to purchase the item online especially now, with our current situation. So whenever I hear of a one stop shop, or when my go-to store finally launches their digital services or online shop, I’ll definitely check them out - because I prefer convenience, hassle-free and safe shopping.

Lately, I’ve been very interested in home decoration and upgrading, and constantly search for shops to check some home products, and one of my favorite is the AllHome Philippines.

AllHome is designed to be a builder’s haven that immensely offers a vast range of products and services, has value for money, very convenient to shop, and has excellent customer service.  Today it is one of the most trusted stores by Filipinos when it comes to home building and renovation, and has been primarily engaged with buying, selling, distributing, marketing, wholesaling and retailing of all kinds of goods and services.

AllHome continuously expands and curates their product selection from its eight key categories which comprises the furniture, hardware, appliances, tiles, sanitary wares, homewares, linens and construction materials.

AllHome constructed its first stores in 2013 at Pampanga, and now has 52 store locations nationwide. It also has their own website and apps where you can shop online. It has different modes of payment as well as it can directly deliver your purchase to your home with their partnered delivery services.

So when it comes to getting a smart home and life, AllHome is one of the best go-to stores you can try. It is very convenient to shop, both online or to their store location, have wide ranges of home products that are very essential for home building or renovating, and also  very budget-friendly.

And when I say its budget-friendly, It is because of their amazing deals you can try that will definitely save you a lot of money. From free delivery or free shipping vouchers, Buy 1 Take 1 Deals, discount vouchers, and other freebies that you can get as well. You both get a great deal with high quality products from them.

You can definitely start your modern Filipino style home now with AllHome, just visit the nearest store or check them out through their social media platform and website.

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