3 Tips on How to Achieve that Hourglass Figure

Have you ever wondered how those women get the so-called “hourglass figure” that we usually seen in old films, that smaller waist, bigger hips, and full bust? Well if you’re curious on how they achieve it, here are some tips and tricks that you might want to know.

1. Eat more Healthy Meals. Having great figure and healthy body composition is always better. So if you want to flatten your belly, you must also improve your eating habits. Try eating a lot of high fiber foods that we usually get from fruits and vegetables, because it really plays a vital role for better digestion. You can also eating high biological value protein, which we usually get in animal sources, because it gives you better muscle mass and lower storage of body fats.

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2. Do at least 15 minutes BWH Exercise daily. A daily exercise for at least 15 minutes, or at least has 2 to 3 times exercise in a week for 30 minutes can also improve your body metabolism. Being consistent can pay more percentage of weight loss that overdoing it. You must also learn which exercise does fit to your lifestyle and the desired end goal. For instance, to achieve that hourglass figure, the types of exercise you need to do are those focuses more on your Chest, Waist and Hips. Some usually use plus size waist trainer to tone their body while doing their exercise.

3. Use Body Shaper. Choosing your dress or outfit can also do the trick. You can mix match some clothes that will compliment your body shape to get better look. One trick that you can also do is the use of full body shapewear that definitely can help you to look great even in a tight body fitting dress to even highlight you hourglass figure. As what it does, it sculpts your body better that may enhance your tummy control.

Remember that you are beautiful! No matter what body shape you have, as long as you feel good and confident about it then you are doing great! This tips and tricks aim to help you be more confident about your body and/or even enhance those with hourglass figure while maintaining good healthy habits all the time. So I hope these simple tips and tricks can help you a lot. Just make sure to stay healthy while being beautiful and confident all the time!

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