Better Hair Days with Silk Secrets

Our hair can easily damage especially if we don't follow any hair care routine, or whenever we expose our hair for chemical treatment frequently. That's how bad hair days usually happened and we literally wanted to get back with healthy, bouncy and shiny hair.

Now here's the three things you need to do to achieve that healthy hair again. I personally follow this hair care routine now, I really have zero bad hair days.

Choose your Shampoo that your Hair Needs. I've tried several shampoo before and I know my hair reacts on it. So just like your holy grain when it comes to skin care, you should also know the kind of shampoo where your hair is at best. I personally choose a shampoo that has mild scent, opaque, and a light liquid form. If you're a commuter, daily exposure to sun, or sweat at work, I suggest that you daily wash your hair to remove the dirt and keep your hair fresh. Some shampoo also includes ingredients that can helps your hair to grow fast, strong, and smooth, so you can also consider those thing when choosing your shampoo.

Conditioned your Hair after you Shampoo. Since my hair is treated and colored, I have to use a bit extra care when conditioning my hair. I always go conditioner with keratin, or some essential oil. These will help my hair regain some oil lost, and aid my frizzy and tangled hair. Recently, I tried the Silk Secret Argan Oil Hot Treatment to moisturize and revitalizes my usual frizzy and dry hair. I just need to put ample amount of it, and leave it for one minute before washing it out thoroughly. My hair become more smooth, shiny, and straight hair after wash.

Last but definitely not the least, Use Hair Treatment Oil for Better Hair Throughout the Day. The last step is the leave on hair treatment which you can freely choose from hair cuticle, hair polish, leave on conditioner, but my personal favorite is the Silk Secret Hair Miracle with Argan Oil of Morocco as my last hair oiling treatment. It really does the job for keeping my hair straight, shiny, and bouncy throughout the day. Aside from its lightweight on my hair, it doesn't really makes your hair sticky and oily, but rather it gives me a much healthier hair condition.

Silk Secrets Hair Care Products Duo are perfect match which treat my hair better. I'm finally not worried about tangled, frizzy, and dry hair for my colored and treated hair of mine. You can learn more about other variants on Silk Secret Facebook, Instagram and Lazada. It is also available to Watsons and other local department store. Get yours today!

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