Get the World Class Filipino Products at Pili Lokal

Have you ever look for a marketplace that can offer you some amazing products that were proudly made here in the Philippines? or Are you one of those people who support local brands and businesses? If yes, then you might want to check out this Online Marketplace where you can shop different world class filipino products at Pili Lokal.

This company believe that our country has so much to offer especially when we talk about organic resources that has been recognized and is renowned as world class. So they launched this marketplace online to help small business and local brands to showcase their products that are authentic and handcraft with our very own resources. Pili lokal literally means to "Choose Local" who help local sellers to maximize their businesses with them and at the same time promote all the filipino products.

The main reason why they established this platform is to solve the 3 main problems and that is (1) to know what Filipino products are available to the country, (2) to identify those Filipino Merchants who promote and use local resources to produce their products, and lastly, (3) to allow access to the community of buyers and also some Filipino Sellers where they can buy and sell all Filipino products at one stop shop.

Pili Lokal have a wide-range of categories you can shop with. From health essentials, home living, delicacies, accessories, clothing, and to some event supplies. It is also easy to purchase with them. Just create an account, choose from their available products or brands, then checkout. As for their payment method, you can choose from Gcash, Debit/Credit Card, and even cash on delivery payment.

But a quick reminder, just like how other ecommerce shopping apps like shopee or lazada works, it is better to shop by store. They only collect orders from different brand owners so whenever you pick products that are not in the same brand, you have to pay different shipping fees from it.

To learn more about their products and if you want to try it yourself, just visit their official website at You can also follow them on facebook @pililokal to get some updates about their latest discount promos or free shipping vouchers.

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