Kaon Ta : Sizzling Palace in Isetann Recto

If you're looking for Mediterranean flavors or Authentic Arabic Cuisine, You can visit Sizzling Palace in Isetann Recto. No more guilt feeling because their dishes includes healthy spices, and it is one of the HALAL Certified Resto in Manila.


Their menu are more diverse now. They started with filipino dishes such as Bulalo, Relenong Bangus, and Grilled Chicken, but now they varies from rice meals, fita breads, and different party trays or ala carte entries dishes with Arabic flavors which has more spices, and highly seasoned dishes.

Chicken Biryani Party (Good for 6-8 persons)
P1350 includes 2 vegetable salad as side dish
Filipino Special Bulalo (Good for 2-3 persons) with rice included - P265 Chicken Biryani (Ala Carte) P205

The Biryani dishes are their best seller dish, and it is their halal certified foods. It gives the best quality of beef, chicken, and the flavorful kebab. This biryani is an indian dish that which are made with a high seasoned rice and meat, fish or vegetables. If you're fond of curry sauce, it has the same taste plus the textured rice.

Clockwise from Left to Right : Pompano Fish Biryani (good for 2 persons) P450 ; Vegetable salads for side dishes ; Thai Spicy Beef (P370); Relyenong Bangus (good for 3 with 3 rice) P365; Turkish Beef Kebab (P120 - P245) depends to your ordered rice; Falafel & Hummus with 3 breads included (P245); Beef Sirloin Steak (P245)

Other dishes that we able to taste varies from fish, beef and chicken dishes. One of my favorite is their Falafel & Hummus dish which have the fita bread and tasty veggie meat. I also love its white sauce that really compliment the whole dish. If I have to order a new dish for an afternoon snacks, this one will be on my top list.

Indeed, we should continue to make the Philippines more Muslim-friendly, and be able to have meals that are halal certified. In this way, our Muslim friends, can have more resto to choose from when going out. Kudos to Sizzling Palace, to be one of some restaurant that supports "ONE HALAL" Movement here in the Philippines.

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